MyTunesRSS Community

MyTunesRSS is an application for making your music library available in your local network (LAN) or even the internet. You setup a server with user accounts and access your library through a comfortable web interface. Please visit the product page for more information.

On this site you can create and maintain a free account. Such an account lets you access your MyTunesRSS server with a simple address at the domain. You just add your username to the domain name. So if your username was for example "codewave" your music library would be available at "". An easy to remember address which is forwarded to your server's IP address. Your MyTunesRSS server updates the IP in the database automatically.

You can create, manage and close an account here at the moment. More services will become available later. Maybe a global directory of active (and participating) MyTunesRSS servers. Or the ability to publish special playlists or tracks for other users without giving them full access to your server through a user account.